Wyoming’s Friendly Blockchain Regulatory Environment & Rugged Beauty #ThatsWY

Wyoming’s Friendly Blockchain Regulatory Environment & Rugged Beauty #ThatsWY

Wyoming is an incredibly underrated state, in beauty, ingenuity, and equality. It is a state for those that want to forge their path while enjoying the rugged outdoors. I can see a wave of tech companies moving here for the LLC strength, low taxes, and business (including blockchain and digital assets) friendly legislation.

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A History of Wyoming’s Rebellious and Women Friendly Ways

Women have also had a leg up in this state for quite some time. Wyoming entered into the United States upon the provision that a woman’s right to vote was protected. This is probably why when you ask someone where they bought their cowgirl boots a playful and rhetorical “You mean s**tkickers?” is thrown back your way.

The beauty and friendly regs seem too good to be true for Twitter

I recommend you come out and experience the state for yourself and share a few events in September that make the most sense at the end of this post.

13 New Blockchain & Digital Asset (Friendly) Regulations

Wyoming is one of the most underrated in the US and, as a 5th generation Coloradoan, I hope it stays this way and they can grow slowly. That said, there is a serious brain drain problem facing the state. Young people are having a difficult time finding 21st century jobs. Supporting innovative spaces and carving out friendly legislation is a brilliant play and I think this continued push may tip the scale in favor of young graduates building their careers in Wyoming.

Keep an eye on this fast moving state! They are light years ahead of the rest of the US. Here are several of their new bills to checkout.

  • HB 74- Special Purpose Depository Institutions (SPDI)

  • SF 125- Digital Assets (UCC & Custody)

  • HB 57- Financial Technology Sandbox (includes reciprocity for overseas regulators)

  • HB 62- Utility Token Amendments

  • HB 70- Commercial Filing System

  • HB 185- Tokenized Corporate Stock

  • HB 113- Special Electric Utility Agreements

  • SF 28- Electronic Bank Records

I have spent time in Jackson, Shoshoni, Laramie, Casper, and Cheyenne. While I spent most of my time in Jackson and it is one of the most beautiful parts of the state, there are many other mountainous regions with access to fiber optic cable, cheap energy, and authentic western culture. There are so many more places I look forward to exploring, especially Gillette, Saratoga, Sundance, and Sheridan.

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is my homebase in WY and a place where the town actively places social media tags asking you not to tag specifically, but generally ie "#StayWild and #BeautifulWY > #JacksonHole. That says a lot to me and I will try to help keep their landscape a secret on social. Explore the state. People are warm. Food and music are generous. The views are breathtaking. Silicon Couloir is the entry point for startups and has and incredible wealth of mentors and support from the Jackson community. Get involved. Gary, the ED, and most of the BOD members I have met are incredibly warm and helpful individuals.


is home to The University of Wyoming, a very forward moving university that is in the process of fundraising to endow 3 new blockchain positions in the engineering, business, and agriculture schools. Their second annual Hackathon is coming up as well. Supporting and getting involved with the University is a smart move for any startup or group that may oneday need to recruit.


is an unassuming town on the east side of the Wind River Reservation and north of Riverton… and is paving the way for students in tech. With a 3-year-old K-12 school and two incredibly driven and talented tech teachers, Tony and Jesse. These students competed in of U of WY Hackathon last year and plan to compete again this year.


has a great deal of potential and the downtown region is bringing more art and BK-type coffee shops into the mix of energy and financial services companies. There could be an immense amount of opportunity for a startup to locate here and the airport is consistent and accessible. My favorite find was a Wyoming artist, Blanche Guernsey. I discovered her at Goedickes & Scarlows, a fun coffee shop/art gallery in downtown Casper.


is Wyoming’s Capital. There are some very resourceful and accessible folks here.

  • Caitlin Long has been instrumental in pushing blockchain friendly regulations in Wyoming. While she is a WY native, she is also put her time in on Wall Street. She’s a force of nature.

  • David Pope is a CPA who has also been instrumental in working with Wyoming’s legislatures. He spends most of his time in WY, but spends time to the south in Colorado.

  • Matt Kaufman is an attorney who has been very active at the intersection of tech, business, and regulation. He has helped strengthen Wyoming’s LLC laws and is on the blockchain taskforce.

  • Bob Cornish is an alternative investments and EB-5 & broker-dealer attorney. While most of his time is in DC, he has been instrumental in Wyoming as well and can be a great resource for those serious about WY.

Visit WY in September

Here are a few events coming up in September that one curious about relocating to WY may want to checkout.

The Most Useful Startup I’ve Seen in Ag Blockchain

beefchain.io is gaining a great deal of traction and is in the process of taking on immense growth from their already 10,000 tagged cattle. This is one to look out for and a very practical use case. Check ‘em out. Cofounder and Representative Tyler Lindholm is extremely accessible as well… and don’t be put off when he calls you out of the blue 7am on a Friday before a flight!

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For more on #ThatsWY, checkout the Wyoming Business Council. WBC is based in Cheyenne and works to enhance the state’s economic and business opportunities.

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