#EuroLongevityTour Request: Forbes 30 Under 30 September 15th Nomination Deadline

#EuroLongevityTour Request: Forbes 30 Under 30 September 15th Nomination Deadline

Hello from Greece! 

Many of you have been extremely supportive of Connect The Ages and me personally, and I'm very appreciative of your time, support and energy.

At the moment, I am researching longevity in Greece, including on the island of Ikaria, which is a noted "Blue Zone" (known to have a high density of people living over the age of 100). 

blue zone ikaria filming 360 virtual reality vr older woman generation longevity

I'm sure you are busy; however, I'm hoping for 5-10 minutes more of your time if you are supportive of Connect The Ages.

My ask: will you nominate me for Forbes 30 Under 30? The deadline is September 15th and as I turned 29 earlier this month, this is the last year I can be nominated. I believe things like this can help get 5 million jobs in aging on the radars of students and educators—an area that has been difficult to reach.

Here is all the information! Thank you for your help! 

1. Visit https://www.forbes.com/30-under-30-nominations/#4e84c5b76ff5

2. Are you nominating yourself


3. Nominator Details (This is about you!)

4. Nominee details

Amanda Cavaleri

Founder / Cofounder

Connect The Ages


Birthdate: 09/01/1988

Category: Social Entrepreneurs

Residence: Washington, DC - District of Columbia

Birthplace: Denver, Colorado

Undergraduate Degree: Yes, Other - Regis University, Business Administration

Phone: 3035245192

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/amandacavaleri/

Twitter: @Amanda_Cavaleri

Personal page: www.amandacavaleri.com

5. Do you have cofounders?: No

6. select the country / region applying: US

7. Your elevator pitch about your nominee’s company, enterprise or work. (500 characters)

Amanda has been an entrepreneur in longevity since the age of twenty. Her latest venture, Connect The Ages, aims to tackle the last acceptable ism: ageism. Amanda aims to bridge the generations and build a workforce pipeline matching students to a growing demand: careers in aging services . Amanda is creating multimedia awareness campaigns and matching tools to connect students to the value of older  generations through multidisciplinary education, volunteer, internship and job opportunities.

8. Identify customers, target clients, demographics, need, location. (500 characters)

By 2030, 1 billion people will be over the age of 65 and require a great deal of services and new products, yet young people do not have careers in aging services on their radars. Amanda is on a mission to connect 5 million students and young professionals to pursue opportunities in aging services in the US by 2025. Senior housing operators alone need to fill 1.2 million new jobs by 2025. Customers include healthcare staffing, architecture, design technology development firms across the US.

9. Explain the revenue model. TIP – include any finances including funding, revenue, sales, growth rate, etc. (500 characters)

Aging Baby Boomers are growing the longevity economy market beyond $7 trillion annually. Connect The Ages is bootstrapped with two revenue streams: multimedia content and matching tools for job seekers. Amanda is currently in Europe filming 4k and 360 content on the #EuroLongevityTour and fulfilling a $22,000 contract for two VR videos from this trip.

10. Who are your main competitors. How are you winning? (500 characters)

The main competitors are the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education (AGHE) and long-term care hiring firms. AGHE is a nonprofit that hasn’t been able to reach the general student population . Recruiters in aging are recycling talent, not finding new talent. Connect The Ages is tapping unreached talent with relevant content and tools for younger generations.  Current partners include aging associations and education associations, universities, community colleges and high schools.

11. How is your nominee making a difference. TIP: talk about your impact on your sector, community, and the world. (500 characters)

Aging America will create the largest deficit. Developing students to serve the aging demographic can become an economic and social asset. 30% of $1.4 trillion in direct student loans are in deferment. Careers in aging offer multidisciplinary and diverse career paths for students with high school diplomas, associate degrees and graduate level degrees. Making students aware of and giving them opportunities to build a career in aging enables Gens Y and Z fulfill their potential and do well while doing good.

12. Links to recent press (articles, posts, panels, etc)











13. Awards: AARP A. Barry Rand Innovation and Enterprise Strategy 2016-2017 Fellow

You are welcome to use the above information as a baseline on what to write. Happy to have you make it your own as well. Unfortunately I don't have wifi on the boat, so just do the best you can with the questions and "n/a" or "not applicable" if there is confusion. 

Let's bring awareness of careers in aging to students and educators! 

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