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Why I Dove Headfirst Down a Distributed (DLT) Rabbit Node

We see value in our grandparents and parents advice, but oftentimes when it is too late. My goal connecting the wisdom of elders with distributed networks is twofold: preserving the wisdom and the value of the wisdom… Another important, but often overlooked, factor in all of this is privacy… This is why I wanted to work with the “Godfather” of blockchain and pioneer of digital privacy, David Chaum.

China's Aging Crisis: Will a Generation of Only Children Care?

Almost four years ago, I traveled to Shanghai to attend an executive-level conference on aging hosted by the Global Aging Network. I was on a mission to find out what gerontechnology the attendees from countries including Japan, Germany, Australia, and South Africa were using to care for their aging populations, but what I discovered was a monstrous 4-2-1 family structure.